Vantage undertook a multi-jurisdictional asset tracing investigation on behalf of a bank in support of recovering USD 120 million loan from an individual as per his bank guarantees.

Vantage has successfully located the subject and identified his newly acquired identity and citizenship.

After identifying multiple real estate investments structured through a chain of corporate entities as well as proving that the loan funds were used to purchase real estate holdings for his family members, we assisted in initiating bankruptcy proceedings against the subject in the new country of residence and supported fraudulent conveyance argument in courts.


Vantage was retained by the owners of a biotechnology company in order to investigate senior executives who were suspected of defrauding the firm.

Covert forensic recovery of the executives' data was carried out and subsequent analysis revealed that they had incorporated a competitor firm in another jurisdiction and were funnelling business to their own entity with the ultimate objective of completely taking over the business of the firm.


Vantage was retained by a UHNW family in order investigate a hacking incident, the principal result of which was deletion of emails that were due to be submitted as evidence in forthcoming litigation.

The emails were deleted from several personal accounts which were hosted by major international providers. The investigation found that the attackers breached a WiFi network at one of the family homes and used Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) techniques to obtain credentials to the accounts.

Vantage secured client infrastructure and assisted in liaising with the service providers in order to recover the deleted data.


Vantage was retained by an international trade finance institution to assist in enforcing a judgment against a debtor who defaulted on a multimillion dollar commodity trading loan. Vantage found that the debtor had shifted assets in a variety of jurisdictions into the names of close relatives, making it nearly impossible to enforce against those assets.

As a result, we worked with the client to successfully implement a negotiation strategy in support of a settlement, relying on intelligence identified during the course of the investigation about the debtor’s indirectly-held assets.