Vantage delivers strategic and actionable insight through sophisticated research and analysis, human source development, and non-public information gathering.

Our work helps decision-makers develop and implement robust strategies to prevent and solve disputes, protect assets and recover debts across multiple jurisdictions. It’s made us the go-to practice for business leaders, high-net-worth individuals and family offices, leading lawyers and litigation funds, financial institutions and established corporates.


Vantage offers an entire solution to the Client’s needs, from due diligence and pre-transaction issues, to investigations, forensics and cyber applications. We not only execute the instructions of our Clients, we also recommend ideas to address and solve their problems.

It takes creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity to provide insight with context. We use detailed analysis of information to anticipate potential issues before they become serious problems.

Communication throughout the investigative process is central to our ethos. We are transparent with our clients regarding our approach and findings, and correspond frequently with clients throughout our investigation to ensure our work remains relevant to the overall strategy. We are a sounding board for our clients; we balance flexibility with pragmatism to find a solution together.

Our network is absolutely peerless; few can match our level of access. Vantage invests in building relationships with human sources at various levels within organisations around the world.

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