Vantage Cyber has extensive practical experience in the fields of cyber-security, cutting edge AI integration, IT forensics, data protection and software development. We leverage our team's experience in cyber security challenges, obtained from both offensive and defensive engagement. 

Our cyber security practice leverages Vantage Intelligence's rich investigative experience to deliver innovative and comprehensive Cyber Incident Response and Forensics services as well as offers deep insights into issues of data protection in the context of litigious adversaries and state actors.

Areas of expertise

IT Security / Data Management & Governance
Personnel Security (Vetting and Training)
Security Assessments (Penetration Testing)
Incident Response
Investigations and Forensic Services
Technical Due Diligence

Case Studies

Defending against a sophisticated phishing attack

Vantage Cyber was hired by a wealth management firm following a sophisticated phishing attack. The attackers nearly succeeded in persuading a senior PA into authorising a multi-million-pound transaction. Our team's rapid intervention was crucial in averting a significant financial loss and assessing the security breach.

Upon arrival, our team conducted an urgent evaluation of the client's systems to identify and seal any security loopholes. We rigorously examined data logs and communication records to confirm no additional data compromise beyond the phishing incident. Utilising advanced cyber forensics, we deconstructed the phishing email to understand its source and strategy, gaining insights into the attackers' possible identities.

We implemented advanced email filtering systems to thwart future phishing attempts, initiated comprehensive staff training focused on cybersecurity awareness and threat identification, established robust verification protocols for financial transactions, incorporating multi-factor authentication. Finally, Vantage implemented security audits to proactively identify and address vulnerabilities.

Vantage Cyber's prompt and decisive actions not only resolved the immediate threat but also fortified the client's cybersecurity infrastructure, demonstrating our expertise in handling high-stakes cyber threats with efficiency and precision