Vantage Influence lies at the intersection of politics, intelligence, and strategy. A dynamic consultancy reshaping the landscape for sovereign, corporate, and private stakeholders. Our bespoke services fuse empirical public opinion research, astute analysis, and innovative strategies to safeguard and advance clients' interests in the complex arena of global affairs.

The marriage of strategic analysis and in-depth intelligence allows for a 360-degree approach, empowering clients with a nuanced understanding of risks and opportunities. 

Through this partnership, clients gain a distinct advantage, as the fusion of political consulting and sophisticated intelligence creates a potent force, enabling informed decision-making, proactive risk management, and strategic positioning within the intricate web of global affairs.

Aron Shaviv

Founder of

Vantage Influence

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Risk Advisory
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Public Opinion
Complex Dispute
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Election Campaigns

Case Studies

Two-front electoral challenge

Beginning in 2023, we have been working on the re-election campaign of the incumbent Head of State of a Southern African country, a leader who is challenged not only by the head of the opposition but also by his own predecessor.

The predecessor, who also served as the former President of our client’s party, has taken an extraordinary stance by supporting the opposition from exile. This two-front challenge requires addressing both the internal challenge within the party and the external electoral contest.

Our work is focused on managing the two-front challenge, identifying factors which will shift voters, advising the candidate on his communications and producing creative and advertising materials in the pre-campaign period, preparing the ground for the election campaign.